Silicone Tape

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Reusable silicone tape. This 100% silicone tape adheres two surfaces together for long lasting stick. It can be easily pulled apart and reused. If it gets dirty, just wash off, allow to dry and use again.

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Versatile reusable silicone tape for many applications. We used this product as part of our product development process. This silicone tape is 100% silicone, so both sides are exactly the same. It’s similar to double sided tape which enables sticking two surfaces together. Best part is that it’s very adhesive and can be used again and again. If it get dirty, just wash off, allow to dry and it’s ready to use. Be careful stretching it. If pulled on too hard it will snap in half.

You can use this product for many applications. Feel free to use your imagination. Along with stabilizing anything you want to strap to your bike. We found that it works great under bar tape. Extend your bar tape life with silicone tape applied first, before wrapping. It provides some extra cushion under bar tape as well.

We found this product to be pretty kool stuff. Although the application is elusive. I recommend keeping some around. It’s real handy. We have a limited supply so when it’s gone, it’s gone. Two strips of tape per purchase.

Silicone Tape Specs:

Dimension: 5.5″ long (14 cm) x 1.5″ wide (4 cm)
Weight: 3 grams each
Total: 2 strips per purchase


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