large FenderBagstrap
large FenderBagstrap
large FenderBagstrap

Large Removable FenderBag Strap


The large FenderBag strap is the bottom strap on both large and small FenderBags. Strap can accommodate many seat tube diameters and shapes. Extend strap for large tube sizes, adjust down for smaller diameters, or even trim strap for smallest sized tubes. Use different straps on a variety of bikes.

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The large FenderBag strap is the lower strap on a FenderBag for both large and small FenderBags. Both top and bottom straps are removable and can be replaced if needed. The lower strap is 1.5″ wide by 10.5″ long. The silicone patch is 4.5″ long. This strap is designed to fit many seat tube diameters. The strap can be extended to fit large diameter tubes, adjusted down for small diameters, or even trimmed down to fit very small diameter tubes. Straps are removable, so FBs can be used on a variety of bikes.

Purchase extra straps to accommodate a variety of bicycles with different tube sizes.

Lower FenderBag Strap Specs:

Length: 10.5″
Width: 1.5″
Silicone patch length: 4.5″

How to attach the FenderBag


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