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IMBA Encourages Steamboat Cyclist to Get Involved
Since its inception, the Mad Rabbit Trails Proposal surrounding Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has undergone a litany of changes. The most recent version is the Updated 2019 Pre-Scoping prior to NEPA. IMBA Local association Routt County Riders have been working diligently on the plan.

With this latest version, there is drastic reduction in the overall quantity of future multi-use trails. IMBA and Routt County Riders believe this overall reduction in mileage and user experience must be replaced elsewhere in order to fulfill the purpose of the project.

If you live near Steamboat Springs, or even visit the area once every few years for great riding, the Forest Service needs to hear from you today! Thursday, August 15 is the deadline for comments!

Step 1Take a quick look at Routt County Riders’ official response letter to the plan to help inform your comments. 

Step 2Send an email here (to comments-rm-medicine-bow-routt-hahns-peak-bears-ears@fs.fed.us) with the subject line “Mad Rabbit Trails Project.” Include the points below and any other words of support you have for more trails in Steamboat Springs, including your personal experience.

I am dissapointed in how heavily future mountain bike trail plans are impacted in the latest version of the Mad Rabbit Trails Proposal. With these changes, please work to expand riding opportunities in other areas. Specifically: 
  • Increase quantity of trails to be built along West Summit, allowing for greater distances/loops, and allow for further development of this corridor with trails on both sides of Highway 40, including to and from Walton Peak.
  • Further consideration of gravity-fed mountain bike trails in the Ferndale area for riders of all abilities, to increase opportunities for downhill progression in a safe way with less user conflict.
  • NO ACTION in the Mad Creek area until further wildlife studies are completed, with the goal of reconsidering a connection between Mad Creek and Buff Pass and keeping the historic “MRP” trail as an integral part of Routt County trail history.
Step 3Tell a riding buddy to do the same. And get out and ride this weekend! 

Thanks for being an awesome advocate,
The IMBA Team

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